5 Tips for Working Out in Your Living Room

5 Tips for Working Out in Your Living Room

The current pandemic has forced many people to adapt to a home workout environment. But this change has been challenging for those whose normal routines require a gym or an outdoor space, and for those looking to start their fitness journey.

From the absence of equipment to the lack of motivation, committing to a home routine requires a lot of mental and physical effort. However, dedication does pay off, especially with consistent workouts. With this in mind, here are five tips to improve your home workouts and make the most out of your time at home.


Adapt and overcome

One of the biggest challenges of working out from home is how easily one can get distracted or unmotivated. Generally speaking, we don’t associate our own homes with fitness activities. For some, the social aspect of working out is just as important as the workout itself. A study published in the journal of social sciences stated that 95% of people complete their fitness programs if they started them with friends.

One way to make sure you dedicate time to your routine is to plan ahead of time and reserve an hour every day just for fitness. Consistency is one of the pillars of any workout routine. On average, it takes a person two months to form a habit and get to the point where certain behaviors become automatic. However, it’s crucial to identify what motivates you to exercise and explore ways to remind yourself of these reasons, such as by setting up phone notifications. 


Change your workout space

Transforming your room into a workout space isn’t a matter of making your living room look like a gym. It’s about ensuring you have enough space to have a full range of motion. Not everyone can take advantage of large areas where it’s easy to perform most exercises. However, you can find online routines designed to tackle many, if not most, of these challenges. Aside from making enough room to perform different exercises, consider how good the light is. If you can, improve the airflow by opening the windows, to stay well oxygenated throughout your routine. 


Keep an eye out for online resources

We’re experiencing a home workout renaissance thanks to the continually increasing amount of online resources the crisis has made available. With many people having to adapt to stay-at-home measures, popular workout apps have had an incredible surge in users in the last couple of months.  

These resources come in the form of videos, apps, guides, and articles, all related to at-home workouts. Lack of gym equipment restricts people from performing many different exercises, however adjusting your routines to include  bodyweight alternatives could temporarily replace them. 


The right equipment

People that want to work out at home have to look at the world with different eyes. From suitcases to towels, everything is potentially a workout item. This situation is less of an issue for people with a dynamic home workout device at hand, such as the BodyGym. It’s crucial to know that finding the right equipment goes beyond transforming household items into gym equipment, and sometimes it’s necessary to invest in the right tools. For example, you can never go wrong with a yoga mat.  

Even after the crisis, a lot of people will find themselves at home; not everyone always has access to a gym, so it’s essential to be well prepared. Eventually, you might end up realizing the benefits of home fitness adjust to your lifestyle even better. 

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