Goodbye Gyms, Hello Home Workouts

Goodbye Gyms, Hello Home Workouts

We’re in the midst of a home workout renaissance. While the pandemic has certainly accelerated this change due to gym closures, home workout equipment has been evolving to the point where a single piece of equipment designed for one user can do the same job of many machines at the gym. 

Some of the factors keeping people away from fitness centers come from lifestyle changes prompted by the pandemic, which are currently fueling the increased sales of workout equipment and the widespread availability of online health resources. As a result, many people are finding comfort with their home set-up rather than at gyms that are starting to re-open.

Could the current change be permanent? And if so, how are these designed-for-home tools currently displacing fitness centers?

A change for good 

Fitness products have enjoyed such a boost in sales this year that retailers have been continuously running out of inventory due to the high demand. However, it’s not only fitness-related activities that are experiencing an increase in popularity. Google search traffic for home-related activities like cooking recipes and streaming services remains well above the figures from this time last year.

What this means is that consumers of all fitness levels are preparing to spend more time indoors, particularly as the winter months approach. These changes influence the way we all live, work, and work out, creating new habits that will stick around for the long term.

People who have enjoyed success through home workouts are not likely to change their current routines just so they can go back to the gym. Without going too much into the neuroscience of it all, habits are easier to create than they are to break off.

The age of home workouts

The past few decades have been marked by their iconic fitness trends, such as hula-hooping in the ’50s, the “Buns of Steel” program from the 80s, and CrossFit in the early 2010s. So far, 2020 has been defined by finding new ways of working out at home. Just look at the survey numbers: Nine in ten Americans say they’ll continue to work out at home, even after they feel comfortable returning to a gym.

The sudden demand for home workout equipment has even prompted companies dedicated to professional gym equipment to make the switch to direct-to-consumer sales. With these new options,a considerable number of people at home have already found their perfect set-up, with 42% of people saying they feel comfortable working out at home.

This decade will be marked by home workouts prompted by the current pandemic, fueling the need for innovative and practical fitness tools that fit this lifestyle. However, the past few months have seen innovation not only on the product side of fitness but with the content related to it.


A surge in resources

From gyms offering online classes to YouTube influencers selling full-fledged programs, the amount of resources designed to tackle almost every aspect of home fitness is staggering. Innovation is the cornerstone of a fitness program that earns interest from consumers and will continue to be a major factor in many at-home buying decisions. 

During lockdown, people have realized that they can perform a wider selection of exercises with considerably less equipment, access to a virtually unlimited amount of resources for every specific type of workout and more control over their time, which makes products like the BodyGym more relevant today than ever before.

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