Working Out At Home To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Working Out At Home To Take Care Of Your Mental Health

We’re in the midst of a mental health crisis that has been accelerated by stay-at-home measures, economic unease, and the general feeling of uncertainty that comes with living throughout a pandemic. A recent study conducted by the CDC determined that during late June, 40% of US adults reported struggling with mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. 

While stressful situations affect each of us differently, consistent home workouts are a proven way to help people manage their mental health by increasing self-esteem and cognitive function. There’s a strong correlation between exercise and improved mental health.

However, it’s not as simple as laying down a yoga mat and breaking a sweat. Here are some tips for you to consider before starting off on your home fitness journey.

Finding a time and place

While there are noted benefits to remote work such as less time waste on long commutes and more independence, the extra work hours that come with working from home often add to people’s stress.Finding time for any other activity may be challenging, but it all starts with planning your workouts ahead of time. If you’re struggling with a consistent routine, then treat workouts like an item on your professional to-do list that you have to make time for during the day. 

It’s also true that not everyone has the right space to workout, so accommodating the areas you have to comfortably perform a routine will make you more determined to keep going. If you need to find a routine, there has been a surge in the home workout that requires minimal equipment since people started isolating, and most are just a YouTube search away. Fostering healthy habits is a great way to ensure your general well-being—and, as a bonus, it’s also been found to  improve your productivity.

Consistency is the sum of small changes.

Committing to a full-fledged routine that yields positive results is something many people struggle with in their day-to-day. However, small changes in your lifestyle will add up to major improvements over time. Keeping track of your efforts, through a diary of exercises or progress pictures, can give you a tangible link to your efforts that will keep your body moving. Remember, positive results don’t come from physical changes alone: Improvements in your posture, stamina, and general feeling of well-being are all signs of great progress. 

Working out at home can seem like a daunting challenge, yet the right piece of equipment can make all the difference, from saving you time to helping you perform more effective workouts. To find out more about how to improve your own home workouts, visit the BodyGym blog and let your progress start today. 

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